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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Is Kajal Good For Eyes? - Beauty and Heal.

Hi, Beauties, The main query spring up in my brain while applying Kajal or kohl that "Is Kajal Good For Eyes?" or is Kajal is accomplishing more damage than anything else for your eyes? Today I am going to conceal this point about a mainstream eye care item KAJAL which have been utilized since ancient times by Indians, Arabs and Many different nations. 

Is Kajal Good For Eyes?, Homemade Kajal for Baby, How to make Ayurvedic Kajal at Home

Is Kajal Good For Eyes? 

Eyes are the windows to an individual's spirit. so kajal is utilized since old occasions by individuals in nations like India, Egypt, South Africa, Arab and so on. The general population from these nations utilize kajal or Kohl to shield their eyes from destructive Sun beams and Dust. Moms in a large portion of nations apply kajal to their children for Protection from residue, diseases, sun beams and Evil eye i.e., Nazar. it is trusted that kajal in the new-born child's eye will light up the eyes and make them look large, brilliant and alluring. However, these are altogether myths and superstition. 

Benefits of  Organic Kajal:

I am posting benefits of Organic Kajal which can be effortlessly made at home with Camphor and Almond Recipe of which referenced toward the end of the review. 

1. 100% Pure Kohl or Kajal Moisturizes eyes. 

2. Kajal give cooling impact to the eyes. 

3. Hand crafted Kajals are likewise durable. 

4. Smear proof for no less than 4 hours. 

5. Incredibly useful for new born children too. 

6. It tends to be 
applied for overnight which cleans all the durt from eyes viably. 

7. Hand crafted Organic Kajal is wealthy in vitamin e since it contain Almonds. 

8. It is Anti-Bacterial. 

9. It very well 
can be stored for long time as I am utilizing my natural Kajal since 1 Year. 

10. Makes eyes look Brighter, Lustrous and Reduces Dark Circles. 

Side  Effects of Kajal:

These Side-Effects listed beneath are of the kajals which are effortlessly available these days in adjacent markets and chemists contained in plastic pencil like holders covered with wax, profoundly pigmented and stacked with chemicals. Which are generally utilized by females as a beauty enhancer everywhere throughout the countries. 

1. These kajal can cause hypersensitivities and Conjunctivitis 

2. It requires make up remover to remove this kajal totally which additionally contains liquor 
and other substance which are bad for eyes. 

3. They are not smear proof as their claims, I have utilized most Eyeliner kajals which effortlessly bleed within 3 hours and give the look of panda eyes. 

4. It feels 
heavy and gives burning sensation to eyes whenever applied for extended periods. 

5. It can make eyes dry and dull whenever utilized for long run. 

6. It can cause Glaucoma. 

7. It can do unfavorable impact on Retina also. 

8. It can cause Corneal ulcer which prompts visual impairment. 

9. It can lessen thickness of your lashes quickly. 

10. It can cause sty if not evacuated totally. 

The most effective methid to make Ayurvedic or Organic Kajal at Home:Things you will require:

  • Two Diyas 
  • Two cotton wicks
  • One Almond
  • 3 Pieces of camphor
  • 2 Copper or Steal Plate


Place ghee and one cotton wick in one diya and light it and Put one Almond and Camphors in another diya and light it as well. Take two boxes or something higher in tallness than diya for support and place them on both the side of diya then keep the plate over it, do likewise for another diya as well. As you keep plates over both diya ensure that the fire is contacting the surface of plate. So, that all the dark charcoal or residue will get together in the plate. Leave it for thirty minutes. At that point Scrap of the soot from the plate and store it in the little container or Jar. Blend some Almond or Castor oil in it to get the Kajal desired Texture. I have made my very own kajal by utilizing this technique and am utilizing it since one year. This Kajal can be applied on Baby's eyes too. 

There are some Organic and 100% unadulterated Kajal in the market like SoulTree 011 Pure Black Kajal, 3g and SONATURALS KAJAL DEEP BLACK ENRICHED WITH CAMPHOR AND VITAMIN E, These Kajals are very prescribed by me for your delightful eyes. Thus, Buy them promptly from HERE.

Expectation you loved my review of "Is Kajal Good For Eyes?". I am grateful that you read this article till the end. Kindly do follow this technique for making kajal at home. I guarantee you that this 100% unadulterated kajal won't just improve your eye's excellence however it will revive your eyes and will make them healthier.Thank you.

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